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TruWood: Lennon Circle Lens Natural Wood Sunglasses - Retro Style

TruWood: Lennon Circle Lens Natural Wood Sunglasses - Retro Style

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TruWood: Lennon Circle Lens Natural Wood Sunglasses - Retro Style. When you think of old school style, what comes to mind? Bell bottoms, afros, funky music...but have you ever considered a pair of wooden shades? The TruWood Lennon Circle Lens  Sunglasses have been expertly carved into a sleek and stylish designer shape with a retro look in mind - Old School Reimagined! The slim wooden temples blend seamlessly with the thin metal frame, giving a minimal look from the front. And when it's time to head outdoors for some adventure or just a relaxing day on the beach, the polarized round lenses will keep your eyes protected from the sun's UV rays. Not only that but these sunglasses are guaranteed to draw more eyes than just your own. These Lennon circle lens sunglasses take it back but still bring their A-game to today's world of fashion and beyond.

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