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Lalaloopsy Storm E. Sky & Pet Cool Cat: Play-Set & Accessories - Ages 3+

Lalaloopsy Storm E. Sky & Pet Cool Cat: Play-Set & Accessories - Ages 3+

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Product Highlights:

  • Lalaloopsy 10th Anniversary: Rediscover the magic of Lalaloopsy with a special 10th Anniversary edition.
  • Cute, Colorful, Whimsical, and Fun: Lalaloopsy brings a whimsical world of creativity, uniqueness, and diversity.
  • Storm E. Sky: Meet Storm E. Sky, a fan favorite now available in classic large doll form.
  • Reusable House Playset: Each package doubles as a reusable house playset, promoting sustainability.
  • Innovative Storytelling: Allow your child to "sew the last stitch" and bring the doll to life in their imaginative play.

Full Description:

Lalaloopsy 10th Anniversary

Lalaloopsy, the beloved rag dolls that magically came to life with the last stitch, are making a delightful return for a new generation of children. Celebrate their 10th Anniversary with a special badge on the packaging, adding a touch of nostalgia to these timeless favorites.

Cute, Colorful, Whimsical, and Fun - Celebrating Creativity, Uniqueness & Diversity

Lalaloopsy dolls are the embodiment of cuteness, color, whimsy, and fun. They invite kids into a world that celebrates creativity, uniqueness, and diversity. Each Lalaloopsy doll possesses a distinct personality drawn from the very fabric used to sew them, and they come with their own cherished pet. In this world, everyone is special in their own way!

Storm E. Sky's Personality

Meet Storm E. Sky, a fan favorite now available in a classic large doll form. Crafted from the wisps of rain clouds, Storm E. Sky is a bit of a rebel, occasionally misunderstood, but she loves nothing more than strumming her guitar and rocking out with her friends. Her music inspires everyone to pursue their passions, and her loyal pet, Cool Cat, is her biggest fan. Storm E. Sky is the perfect gift for any aspiring musician!

Reusable House Playset (Almost Zero Waste!)

Each Lalaloopsy package serves a dual purpose as a reusable house playset, promoting sustainability with a dash of creativity. Discover intricate photo details of found objects that uniquely express each doll's personality, like Storm E.'s guitar pick roof and drum set in her camper house. Your child can actively participate in building the house with extra pieces. Add Storm E.'s gramophone chimney, attach her balcony, and assemble Cool Cat's pet house trailer. For even more fun, connect Storm E.'s house with other Lalaloopsy houses to create your very own Lalaloopsy Land!

Innovative Storytelling

In a unique twist, your child gets to "sew the last stitch" to release the doll from its package, magically bringing the doll to life in their pretend play. Dive deeper into the world of Lalaloopsy with the Netflix Original Series "We're Lalaloopsy," along with other Lalaloopsy TV series and movies available for streaming on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Kidoodle, and YouTube.

Lalaloopsy dolls are one-of-a-kind, and your love and creativity help make their world sew special.

Sew Magical! Sew Cute! Reignite the enchantment of Lalaloopsy with this 10th Anniversary edition. Order now and let your child's imagination take flight!

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