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TruWood Black Pearl: 35mm Round Watch in Natural Black Sandalwood

TruWood Black Pearl: 35mm Round Watch in Natural Black Sandalwood

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Product Highlights:

  • The TruWood Belle Collection: Bold and Daring.
  • Thin band and low-profile design for a unique style statement.
  • Made with black sandalwood and a black mother of pearl dial with gold markings.
  • The perfect blend of luxury and practicality.
  • Ideal for the fashion-forward individual who demands both style and functionality.


Introducing the TruWood Belle Collection, a paradigm shift in timepiece design. This collection redefines elegance with its slender band and low-profile design, beautifully complemented by its rare and natural aesthetic.


The name "Belle," meaning "beautiful" in French, perfectly encapsulates the essence of this collection. While some watches prioritize practicality over style, the TruWood Black Pearl challenges this notion. It effortlessly combines black sandalwood with a black mother of pearl dial adorned with gold markings, resulting in a watch that is undeniably distinctive. This timepiece represents the harmonious marriage of luxury and practicality, making it a dream watch for fashion enthusiasts.


  • Collection: TruWood Belle
  • Band: Thin and Low-Profile
  • Dial: Black Mother of Pearl with Gold Markings
  • Material: Black Sandalwood
  • Elevate your fashion game with TruWood Belle.

The TruWood Belle Collection is not just a watch; it's a bold and daring statement of style. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it embodies the perfect fusion of luxury and practicality. Elevate your fashion quotient today!

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