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Airborne Immune Support Supplement Very Berry - 10 Effervescent Tablets

Airborne Immune Support Supplement Very Berry - 10 Effervescent Tablets

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Elevate Your Immune Support with Airborne Effervescent Tablets - Verry Berry Flavor

Stay on top of your wellness game with Airborne Effervescent Tablets. Designed to provide comprehensive immune support, these great-tasting tablets are perfect for home, work, and travel. Each tablet delivers a potent blend of 13 vitamins, minerals, and herbs, including a powerful 1000 mg of Vitamin C, Echinacea, and ginger.

Product Highlights:

  • Boosts Immune System: Arm yourself against daily challenges by fortifying your immune system with 1000 mg of Vitamin C per tablet.

  • Antioxidant-Rich Formula: Packed with vitamins A, C, and E, Airborne provides excellent sources of Zinc, Selenium, and Manganese to help your body fight free radicals and maintain vitality.

  • Proprietary Herbal Blend: Featuring Echinacea and Ginger, this blend adds a natural edge to your immune support regimen.

  • Effervescent Ease: Simply drop one tablet into 4-6 oz of water, let it dissolve in about a minute, and enjoy a refreshing, immunity-boosting drink.

  • Flexible Dosage: For adults (14 years and older), take one tablet every 3-4 hours, up to 3 times a day. Children (12-13 years old) can take up to 2 tablets per day.

Product Description:

Discover Airborne Effervescent Tablets – your all-in-one immune support solution in a delicious Verry Berry flavor. Crafted to deliver an instant 1000 mg Vitamin C boost alongside a blend of 13 essential vitamins, minerals, and herbs, Airborne empowers you to proactively tackle life's challenges.

Our unique formula is high in antioxidants, featuring vitamins A, C, and E, as well as Zinc, Selenium, and Manganese – all vital components for maintaining a resilient immune system. The proprietary Herbal Blend, enriched with Echinacea and Ginger, complements the nutritional foundation for holistic wellness.

Preparing your immunity elixir is a breeze – drop one tablet into water, watch it fizz and dissolve, and enjoy a revitalizing drink. Adults can take advantage of the flexible dosing regimen, repeating every 3-4 hours up to 3 times a day. Children aged 12-13 can benefit from up to 2 tablets daily.

Conveniently sized with 10 effervescent tablets per package, Airborne Effervescent Tablets are your trusty companions at home, work, or during your travels. Gluten-free and made in the United States, these tablets are a thoughtful addition to your daily routine.

Please note that these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Product Specifications:

  • Product Type: Supplements
  • Product Name: Immune Support Supplement, Effervescent Tablets Verry Berry
  • Brand: Airborne
  • Size/Count: 10.0ea
  • Item Code: 206600
  • UPC: 64786510094
  • Made in: United States

Elevate your immune defense with Airborne Effervescent Tablets – a flavorful and effective way to support your well-being. Keep your immune system thriving with Airborne.

Note: Always follow recommended usage guidelines and consult a medical professional if needed.

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